Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

My mom got the boys Halloween pajamas this year.
 I was so happy that Colt cooperated enough to get a picture with Jax and they are both smiling!

Colt is sooooo excited for Halloween. He keeps saying to me  "mommy tomorrow when we wake up we get to eat lots of candy, right?" He has been running around the house saying "trick-or-treat", we will see if he can perform when it comes time to say it. We are in Boise for the week so we will be going out with Colt's cousins for Halloween.

Jax of course has no clue what Halloween is but I am excited to dress him and Colt up in there costumes and take pictures. I will be sure to post lots of pictures since I know there are two sad grandmas out there that don't get to see them dressed up this year.

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posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Too cute! I love their pj's. I would love to see you but I don't know how next week is going to be because I have a doctor's appt. Monday after work and then parent/teacher conferences Tues-Thurs. We have to stay until 8:00 pm on both Wed. and Thurs. and I am already dreading it! I sat down to work on report cards while Dylan is napping and my school site is not working!!! NOT a good weekend for Will to be gone! Hopefully it will come up soon; nap time is too precious! Are you going to be around Friday? I have that day off so maybe we can work something out if you are in town. Have fun tonight!!