Saturday, October 31, 2009


Happy Halloween!! Colt and Jax both went as Harley bikers this year.

My little sister even dressed up as a 50's girl. My mom made the skirt and I may have to steal it from her for a future Halloween. I think from now on I may dress up with the boys. It was so fun to see Colt love the holiday so much and really get into it this year.

Harley Baby

Colt loved trick-or-treating. We went with his cousins Madelyn, Elena, and Lucy and Marni took him from house to house getting candy. He would say "trick-or-treat" then "thank you" then he would turn back towards the street and yell at Marni "next house?" and he continued that over and over again. Marni would pick him up and run with him to each house so they could get as much candy as possible. He had a ball and was on a sugar high all evening. I pretty much let him eat whatever he wanted for this Halloween and then I gave all his leftover candy to Elena at the end of the night.

My brother-in-law Andy and sister Amy.

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The Price Family said...

Those are the two cutest harley dudes I have ever seen! Love it! Your sister looks great too :) Take care of yourself Curlyn, hope you get more sleep tonight too.