Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dave's First Deer

After listening to his wife complain for the last 3 years about going deer hunting and never bringing home a deer my husband finally did it. No longer will I be able to complain about him never bringing home food (well I should not say never, he is always bringing home fresh steel-head, salmon, pheasants and chuckers!) Dave and my dad went hunting yesterday morning and Dave shot his first deer. We were all very excited! Colt was a little unsure and did not want to touch the deer at all but he proudly talked about it the rest of the day. This morning he walked into our room at 5am and said "mommy, wake up I want to go see the deer".


This is just the beginning of Dave's hunting for the year. He has already been pheasant and chuckar hunting quite a few times (as well as spending a ton of time fishing!). He is going to Idaho to go elk hunting in a couple weeks and then to South Dakota to do some more deer hunting. With the money he is spending he better be bringing home some meat to make it worthwhile (no pressure honey!).

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McP Family said...

Yuck....but nice work.