Tuesday, October 6, 2009


....these two could be twins!!!!!
Can you figure out which one is Jax and which one is Colt?
The good news is that both of my boys do not mind getting bundled up for morning runs and I love how this little blue bunting outfit makes there eyes sooooo blue.


posted by the Bogdanoff family said...

Carolyn, I thought you would have heard the news before reading it on my blog! I haven't been "sick" but a lot of back cramps. I wasn't sick AT ALL with Dylan so this has been so different. At least I haven't felt like throwing up! School just wears me down so after dinner I am ready for bed at 7:30. However, I still have school stuff to do! Hopefully I will get more energy soon! I would love to see you when you are here! Just let me know if you have the time. Enjoy your last month off!! =) Oh, your boys are just too cute!

Shane & Courtney Stacy said...

My guess...I am am pretty sure I am right. Colt is on the top and Jax on the bottom. You can't forget the tounge in all Colt's pictures. I will text after my appointment on Friday and then give you a call this weekend to give you all the updates.
Love you guys and miss you!