Monday, February 25, 2008

8 months old and CRAWLING!!

Wow has it already been 8 months since Colt was born? Time is going way too fast, I can't believe its almost spring and he will be one before I know it. Colt had alot of milestones this past month. At the beginning of the month he started pulling himself up on his crib, I would walk in to get him in the mornings and he would be standing there waiting for me. He is now trying to pull himself up on everything, his crib, the couch, his bookshelf, dresser, the dogs, our legs...pretty much anything he can reach that is taller than him he will try to pull up on. He also mastered going from sitting to all fours, to rolling on his back and then back to sitting again. Its funny the process he takes to get there but it works.
I was beginning to think it might take awhile for him to crawl because he had this technique down where he would sit, then get on all fours lunge forward, go back to sitting and repeat until he reached the place or toy he was working towards. However, yesterday morning before church I had him playing in our bathroom while I was getting ready and he just started crawling towards me. Since then he has just progressed in his crawling skills, he especially loves to crawl over to his dresser and pull his clothes out of the drawers:). I left him alone for 30 seconds today and when I came back he had crawled over to his dresser, pulled himself up and was pulling his clothes out of the top drawer. I know it was naughty but I had to laugh! He also knows who is dad is and is not afraid to tell everyone!! He sees Dave and immediately starts yelling "Dadadadadada." I am convinced he is now saying Dad though Dave has thought that for quite awhile now.

With spring almost here spring sports officially started today at the high school. I am coaching track this spring and we had our first practice today. Its going to be a tough transition but I think once we get on a schedule I will adapt to it. My mom is basically picking Colt up from daycare everyday and watching him until Dave or I get home. Most nights I will be home around 6:30 but there will be some nights when we have a track meet that it could be as late as midnight. Once we start going to track meets we usually have on average 2 a week and sometimes there will be 3. Because of the way we arrange our coaching staff all the coaches go to all jv and varsity track meets. Track season goes until Memorial Day weekend so basically for the next three months this will be our schedule. I can't tell you how excited I am for summer to get here:) I have more pictures to post and I am going to try to upload the video of Colt crawling if I can figure it out. Hopefully I can get that done this weekend!


Rachel & Sean said...

Im so excited to see you this weekend. Ill find out what the plans are but Im sure dinner at your moms would be great. I want to see their new kitchen. Ill keep you posted but we will plan on that. Love ya!

All of us said...

You have such a little man!! I can't believe it has been 8 months. in a few months when the weather is warmer you can take COlt to practice. He will love it, the kids will love it, and you can spend some time with you little guy

Lil' Jay & Family said...

Go Colt Go! Watch out mommy....he's going to be walking in no time. It sounds like he has mastered pulling up on everything. Can't wait to see him. Maybe we'll have three boys walking at Lake Chelan this year....See ya soon.

Conlin Family said...

You are going to really be busy now with everything he will get in to! Fun times! Hope you are doing well!