Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Memah bought me this cute outfit for my first Valentine's Day. It was a fun day. Mommy got Valentine's day cards for all of my playmates at daycare. We had a party and I even had a folder with all my valentines. I got a valentine from each of my friends and even one from a girl!!! Joyce (my babysitter) made us sugar cookies and dipped them in chocolate, she crumbled up some of the sugar cookie for me and I picked out all of the chocolate pieces and ate them first. I am just like my mommy... I already LOVE chocolate!!


The Price Family said...

He is a little "heart breaker" already, he is super TUTE!

Rachel & Sean said...

Chocolate yum yum!

All of us said...

Care, he is so cute and getting so big. Happy Belated Valentine's Day