Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is it Friday yet??

This week has just been too crazy, so I feel like I must write about it. So bear with me and if you do not like reading and prefer pictures I will try and put some up by this weekend! It all started Monday morning at 5am when we got a call from Joyce (our babysitter) that she was sick and would not be able to take Colt for the day. Not a real big deal I took a sick day and then also went ahead and took Colt to the doctor as he was still not feeling all that great and had been kind of crabby the last couple of days. Tuesday morning 6am, another call from Joyce (and she sounded TERRIBLE) so once again I take a sick day and this was my last paid sick day so any other sick day I take will be without pay (which we really can not afford right now). Now usually my mom helps me out but she had been sick herself and had already been out of work for 6 days so she could not really take another day and Dave has so much going on with work that he really can not be out the of office either. Wednesday morning comes and no phone call!! So I drop Colt off at Joyce's (and she still sounds and looks pretty miserable) but she assures me she will be fine and is going to the doctor that afternoon. Wednesday and Thursday this week are pretty long days for me without going into too much detail I had to be at work every night until 8 so I had arranged for my mom to pick Colt up from daycare and take care of him until Dave gets home around 6. I get a call from Joyce Wednesday night saying she will not be able to babysit the rest of the week because she has bronchitis AND an upper respiratory infection (the same thing Colt had two weeks ago). So Dave's mom comes to our rescue but since she has an appointment in Kennewick on Thursday that she can not miss Dave and her decide to meet half way at 8 am Thursday morning, she takes Colt for the day and Dave's sister Kenzie offered to watch him while his mom was at her appointment. Dave drops Colt off with his mom and is headed back to Walla Walla when he starts to feel dizzy and clammy. By the time he gets home he is throwing up and he has the FLU (which I got about two weeks ago). So now Dave is home with the flu, I have to work until 8 and Colt is in Kennewick. My mom offers to meet Julie halfway, so her and my dad go and pick Colt up and then bring him back to there house for the evening so Dave can rest and throw up without any distractions:) My mom then brought Colt back to our house a little before 8 tonight and I got home just in time to give him a goodnight kiss (he was soooo cute and it made my heart melt to see him after hardly getting to see him awake for the last two days). Also, Julie sent a little package home with my mom : homeade chicken noodle soup, 7-UP, crackers, rolls, gummy bears and a new pack of diapers and wipes for Colt ( Thank you Julie!!!). So now its almost 9:00 on Thursday night and we still have one more work day to get through. We do not know where Colt is going tomorrow, it will probably depend on how Dave feels but he could be headed back to Kennewick for the day. I will be glad when spring gets here and this sick bug goes away. I knew that working full time and having a child was going to be crazy but I never could have predicted this!! All right enough for the evening, I promise my next post will have pictures.


Rachel & Sean said...

If we were in the same town I would totaly help canuse I dont work on Fridays. Im so sorry that this week has sucked so hard. One more day and then its the weekend. Hopefully Dave will fell better soon. Love you and I hope that You can find someone to help watch Colt tomorrow. PS Michael was so glad to see you at his presentation.

All of us said...

Damn girl!! As crazy as it was I think it is pretty amazing that you have such a wonderful support system. Thank you everyone for helping out where you did AND I hope everyone feels better. Care give me a call this weekend. We can chat. Give colt kisses for ma