Sunday, February 10, 2008

Guitar Lessons

On Sunday we did not go to church, Daddy was still not feeling that good and mommy did not want to go by herself so we stayed home and Daddy decided to give me some guitar lessons.
He is starting to get much better at playing the guitar. I do not even cry anymore when I hear him play:) (that's a joke by the way I never cried when I heard him play)
Its been a pretty fun Sunday so far. Di Di and Papa came over this morning and brought me a new outfit and played with me for a bit and we have all been relaxing at home getting ready for the busy week ahead!!

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All of us said...

Way to go Dave. I am jealous... i have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. But no one wants to hear me sing along with the music....except maybe Madi. Mommy's voice is music to her and only her ears