Saturday, February 9, 2008

Popyee and Memah visit

Saturday afternoon my Kennewick family came to see me. Popyee, Memah, Uncle Andy, Aunt Kenzie, Cousin Camryn and Aunt Randee all came to Walla Walla. Memah brought me my valentine's day present.
It was this really cute monkey that sings and dances, I tried to dance along with it too. She also got me two new outfits. One is for Valentine's Day I will try and remember to have Mom put a picture of it on the blog for you.
We all had so much fun playing together. Popyee and Memah took us out to dinner at a mexican restaraunt. I was very good, I sat in my high chair and ate spanish rice, corn tortillas and tomatoes. See my cousin Camryn in the corner, she can crawl EVERYWHERE and I think she might walk soon too. I better get with my crawling or she is going to be walking before I even crawl!
We really need to see each other more so we get used to playing together. We don't really know what to do with each other when we do get together. Most of the time we just pull on each other and one of us screams!

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