Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Party

Our super bowl plans were originally to go to Kennewick to Dave's sisters house and have a party. Dave and his mom have this long standing tradition of watching the super bowl together and they always bet on the game every year. Well the weather changed those plans, we woke up Sunday morning to lots of snow and it continued to snow all day long!! We decided we better stay at home just to be safe. My parents do not have cable television so they were planning on using our house for the game anyway, so they came over and my dad brought his famous pheasant stew. I know pheasant does not sound very good but this stew is wonderful! With the first three quarters being a little boring Di Di spent some time reading Colt a book.
Dave was all decked out in his football bandana (and he is betting that Dale was wearing something similar). He had his cell phone in his hand the entire game as his mom and him kept calling back and forth after every change of possession. Dave took the Giants and Julie had the Patriots. He somehow talked his mom into giving him a 12 point spread. As it turned out the Patriots needed the point spread!
Dad and Byson relaxed on the couch.
Chow time.
Colt already understands that no Super Bowl is complete without lots of food!
He got to watch the game from his jump-up.

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Rachel & Sean said...

Mae also enjoyed her first Super Bowl and enjoyed a tradition of my friend Graces and mine. And that is pedicures during the first half. Ill be posting pics soon of Maes toes yup she got some paint also.
Hope Dave got some good money go Giants!!