Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Birthday

I turned 27 today, the first date Dave and I went on was exactly 8 years ago when I turned 19. He came into our Nutrition class and said lets skip today and go get breakfast. So he took me to Starbucks for coffee and food. Hard to believe its already been 8 years since that day, so much has changed and all for the better!! Dave has always been really good about making my birthday very special, whether its buying me nice gifts or just treating me really special. This year was no different. Friday night my parents watched Colt and we went out to Sushi then walked to my favorite little candy shop here in town called Brights and then to the movie "Vantage Point." The last time we went to dinner AND and a movie was the night before Colt was born so it was nice to have some time to ourselves. Saturday morning we got up and drove to Kennewick so Dave could help his dad out with the landscaping at his office building. Kenzie, Camryn, Colt and I went shopping because my parents had given me money and gift certificates for my birthday. His family took me out to lunch and gave me a KITCHENAID mixer for my birthday. I was very excited as I have been wanting one since we got married but they are too spendy to buy myself! Then we drove back home, Dave made steak tacos for dinner and my parents came over for dinner and a movie. My mom made the yummiest white chocolate lemon blueberry cake that was excellent. Its one of those cakes where every part of it is made from scratch and it tasted like it. It was amazing! I had a wonderful day and appreciate all the calls and posts on the blog (Randi thanks for remembering!!).


Lil' Jay & Family said...

Care: Happy Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had a good (few) days. Colt is getting so big and growing up to be such a cute lil man. Looks like he had a hay day on the tractor with his dad! Miss you.


Rachel & Sean said...

Happy Birthday Care, I was just logging on to say hey I miss your posts its been awhile, and much to my suprise bam a whole bunch of new ones. Its like you gave me a gift on your Birthday. Im so glad that you had such a good day and that the weather was awesome for you. Colt is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it I cant waite until I get to see him again its been so long. I think that he was 4months old. We need to hook up soon. Loves ya!!!!

All of us said...

Glad you got my card! Kudos for Dave for maing you feel special, because you are. We love you care. This world just wouldn't be the same without you. Thanks for all the memories and I look forward to making more family memeories. I hope you have a wonderful 27th year. God Bless