Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hanging out in the sink.

Dave put Colt in the kitchen sink this morning while I was washing dishes. Colt was interested in putting his hand under the water until I turned it off. Then his attention turned to my new birthday present....
....... and him using it to pull himself up.
Sorry no pictures after this I had to put the camera down so I could grab him and my mixer before they both toppled to the ground:)


All of us said...

I am glad you had a good birthday!!! I love the mixer... i think you will get alot of use out of it. You sure had a big blogging weekend!!! Say Hi to Dave for me and Hugs and Kisses to Colt.

Conlin Family said...

Happy late b-day! I've always wanted a kitchen aid mixer too! Colt is getting so big! It sounds like you are staying super busy and I hope you're doing well. =)