Monday, May 11, 2009

Coloring Colt

Colt has been really enjoying coloring and playing with stickers lately. Its a nice activity to have him do at the table when I am trying get something done around the kitchen.
His Memah gave him a coloring book and these nice big crayons for Christmas and then she gave him stickers for Easter. He has so much fun picking out the stickers and putting them on the paper and then coloring all around them.
He was being so good I gave him a little bowl of jelly belly's just for fun.
Colt's smile is so awkward for pictures lately


Brittsan's said...

At least he will smile for pictures!!! Taylor always looks like she's angry. Happy Mommy's Day one day late. It looks like you had a fun weekend!

Marni Mires said...

colt is very photogenic (did I spell that right?)...he could never look awkward! Love him!

McP Family said...

k, so I have no idea how you can get Colt to sit still long enough to color. Madi can't.....i try and try...but coloring is the last thing she wants to do, she wants to feed the dog the crayons, or put them in her little kitchen ,microwave....anything but put them t o paper - oh yea, she discovered that they draw very nicely on windows. Oh Lordy.