Monday, May 4, 2009

My "big" boy!

Colt moved rooms this weekend and into his very own big boy bed! It was a sad day for mommy but he loved it! Since our house is still for sale and we are still unsure of where we will be living in the near future we decided to just have him move into the guest room into our queen size guest bed for now. When we figure out if we are going to be moving or not we will buy him something smaller (probably a twin or full) but for now he gets a nice big bed. As you can see he is pretty happy about how it all worked out. Dave and I always know he is comfortable and tired when he puts his hands behind his head. It's a sure sign he is ready for some sleep!
Since we didn't get to buy him a new bed yet we went ahead and did some antique shopping yesterday and found some really neat old planes, cars, and trains and decorated his room. He LOVES it, everytime he walks into his room he starts yelling "airpane" "twain....whoo whoo" its hilarious. He did awesome sleeping in his bed, Dave and I never heard a noise from him until 7:30 this morning when he woke up. Dave walked into the room and Colt is lying in his bed looking at the ceiling (we hung the airplanes from the ceiling) saying "daddy, airpane!"
My mom had given us some shelves that she no longer wanted so Dave painted them black and then we put cars and trains on them. We still have to finish putting the rest of the cars up. We also found the older looking signs at Klickers here in Walla Walla.
His dresser with his fire truck!
The airplanes that Dave hung from the ceiling over his bed, these were a huge hit with Colt! After we got Colt all moved I started putting the baby's room in order. I put new sheets on the crib (these are a neutral green color), put up the mobile, moved the changing table back into the nursery and put the changing pad back on it, got out the bouncer, baby swing, playmat and all of Colt's 0-6 months clothes and washed all of them. If its a boy we are set in the clothes department, if its a girl we have NOTHING! I mean nothing, not even one piece of clothing. I am thinking maybe I should buy 1 pink outfit just in case.....Dave and I are both so convinced we are having another boy:)


Marni Mires said...

I love that first pictures! Colt is so cute and I miss him so much.

Conlin Family said...

He does look like such a big boy! You are so lucky that he sleeps in his own room all night long! Well, hopefully you will have a boy since you already have everything and the clothes will work perfect since Colt was born in June too, right?!