Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colt's Dave's New Toy!

Look what showed up in our garage yesterday afternoon!! I don't think Dave can use the excuse that this was for Colt's enjoyment though (and for any of you who think I am such a nice wife for letting him buy yet another new toy I didn't even really know he was going to buy it!).
Colt did want to sit on it though so we let him do that and of course he started playing around with how to turn it on. My kid is already much better than me at figuring out how tools and machines work and he is not even 2 yet!
Dave's response: "Look how happy this made Colt!"
He promises he has everything he needs now to go hunting this November (that is besides a helmet and a motorcycle license!). He did promise me he would get a helmet asap though and I asked him to please not ride it until he had gotten one. I am guessing that when I get home tonight it will have already been purchased:)

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The Butorac's said...

Oh Carolyn, I totally know where you are coming from! Right before we got married last June Tony went out and bought a brand new Yamaha motor bike. He said "it will basically pay for itself with all the gas money we will save." I told him that he could not ride the bike without a helmet and a motorcycle license. Not even two months later he got in a minor collision with a large boulder on his way home from Cle Elum. The only major damage was to his foot, the bike came out fine. But we still had hundreds of dollars in medical bills (an ambulance had to come and he had to get stiches in the ER), a $150 ticket for not having his motorcycle license, and I had to listen to him complain about his dang foot as he hobbled around on crutches for over a month. The bike sat in the garage since the accident last August and we just sold it about a month ago and took a $1,000 hit off of what we bought it for. Needless to say, he will not be living this one down for quite some time! I hope Dave (and you) have a much better experience with his new "toy"!