Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just Colt

Colt story: So yesterday it was about 90 degrees here and I sent Colt to daycare in shorts and a t-shirt but failed to pack him any type of hat. Apparently, when they all went outside to play Colt was the ONLY ONE without a hat to put on and he was very upset as he wanted to wear one like all the other kids. The only type of hat that Joyce (his babysitter) had was a winter stocking hat so she gave that to him and they went outside to play. Joyce said his little face was beet red and he was sweating profusely but he refused to take it off since all the other kids had there hats on. When I got home last night and was told this story by my mom (she had picked him up at daycare since I had track practice) I went looking through Colt's stuff from last year and found him one of his old hat's that still fits. Isn't he a cute model??

Keep that finger out of that nose!
Silly boy!


The Chases said...

cute outfit=)

The Price Family said...

Too funny! Kids can get the most random ideas. He is getting to be so big, I really hope to see you guys soon :)

Rach said...

That is so funny.