Monday, May 4, 2009

Random Bedtime Pictures

Colt all ready for bed and reading some of his favorite books.
He prefers any books with animals or construction type stuff. Lately he has been asking for "ghorge" alot which is Curious George.
Then of course he has to kiss his lovies. I will never forget being pregnant with him and Dave and I had taken a trip to Lynden to see friends. The girls went shopping around Lynden and Julie told me I had to buy Colt a "lovie" so I got him a lion and then someone else got him the blue bear lovie for a baby shower. They have been his favorite thing to sleep with. Every morning when we get out of bed he gives them a kiss and then puts them back to bed.
This is what we call Colts "Byson face", our little dog Byson has the worst underbite and so when we ask Colt to show us his Byson face he sticks his lower teeth out.
I tried to get a quick smile before bed but this is the best I could do. Our camera has a flash on it and for some reason Colt hates it so when I start snapping pictures he immediately starts squinting his eyes, even before I take the picture!


Rach said...

He is getting so big. Crazy cute though! Good luck with the end of track. Just think whens its over we get to meet baby pizza!

Brittsan's said...

Hey! I'm feeling great. 4 months and one day down!!! What about you?!? You are getting sooo close. I love the pics of Colt in his big boy bed. There is no way Taylor would sleep in a bed yet. She likes to climb out of things too much! I'm hoping to tackle that task by the time she's two though. Take care!

The Price Family said...

Oh that is right, you use to come and visit me in Lynden :) Haha. Miss you so much, and I love the pictures of Colt reading. He is such cutie patutie.

The Butorac's said...

Colt it too cute! I can't believe how much he has changed over the last 6 months or so - he looks like a toddler these days and not a baby. I love how you decorated his "big boy" room and I love the picture of him in bed with his hands behind his head, that is priceless. I hope you are feeling well - it is almost time for Baby #2 to arrive. Yeah! Hope to catch up with you soon!