Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

Our good friends Shane and Courtney came to see us for the long weekend. Court and I have been friends since college and we were roomates as well. Dave and Shane became friends while visiting us at college. It was such a fun weekend!
Dave and Shane spent almost the entire weekend fishing. I think they had a great time though because they were always in a good mood whenever Court and I did see them.
Maybe the beverage had something to do with that good time:)
Court and I spent the weekend taking long walks, talking ALOT, playing with Colt and hanging out in downtown Walla Walla. We dropped Colt off at my parents one afternoon just so we could walk around downtown for a bit. It was so nice and relaxing!!
Colt had a great time as usual. He wanted to wash my car so we let him use the hose for a bit.
In the process he got himself completely soaked!
Since we moved Colt into our guest room when he got his big boy bed, when Court and Shane came we thought we would just put him back in the crib for the weekend so they could have Colt's room. The minute I tried to put him down he started yelling "no baby room, no baby room,....that room" and pointing to his room. So we let him fall asleep in his room and then moved him into the crib, however he woke up pretty soon after so he ended up sleeping in our room all weekend which actually worked out just fine. He still however refers to his bedroom as "Shane's room" now:) But he transitioned back into his bed nicely after they left.

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