Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 weeks old!

Jax is 3 months old today. Yesterday was his "official" due date. It is crazy to me that he has already been here for 3 weeks! I did not miss having to go through those last 3 weeks of pregnancy. With Colt I remember the last month being just miserable and I was already pretty miserable at about 34 weeks with Jax so I am grateful that he came early and was much smaller than his brother. I am also so relieved that I did not have to do another induction and that my labor this time was much easier (minus the blood loss!).
He is still sleeping really well and is a very easy baby thus far. For the most part he wakes up once a night around 2:00. I love cuddling with him when Colt is sleeping and I actually look forward to him waking up at night so I can get a little extra alone time with him. Having alone time with your children is definetely something you take for granted when you only have one.
He definetely has "Dave's" look but Colt always did too when he was a baby. They both have those pronounced foreheads and good size heads. I do think Jax is going to have Dave's eyes (Colt has mine) but he has my lips (Colt has Dave's lips....nice and full!!). It is amazing to me the different features that each kid can have. Jax also has long narrow fingers which my mom says remind her of my hands.

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The Price Family said...

I am so excited to kiss his cheeks on Thursday! He is so super tute!