Monday, June 29, 2009

Colt 2 year check-up

Colt had his 2 year check up today with his pediatrician. My mom came over and watched Jax so Colt and I could just go by ourselves. I had hoped to get to take him out to lunch after the appointment but I felt like I was going to throw up for the entire morning so I just brought him back home right after it and my mom took him for the afternoon so I could just rest. Colt is now 36 inches (90%) and just under 28 lbs (50%). She also mentioned that we could switch him to 1% milk if we wanted which is nice because Dave and I usually drink skim so I think as a family we will just switch to 1% for the next couple years. That way I will never have to throw out millk because we could not drink it fast enough. He also had 1 shot which he hated and screamed for about 1 minute and then he got a tattoo and a book and he was happy again.

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The Price Family said...

I am sorry you are feeling so crummy! Glad Colt's appointment went well. Hope he is doing okay after his big fall today!
I can totally relate to the milk thing, having 3 different kinds of milk in our fridge is annoying, but we all drink a lot of it, so I never end up throwing any out, just finding enough room for it!
Hope you have a great week!!!!