Sunday, June 7, 2009

Family Time

We are having fun with our family this week. Dave has been home all week taking care of me and our 2 boys! Colt has had a little bit of a tough time adjusting but we are working through it. He does love his brother and always asks to hold him but he has been acting out more than usual.
If you remember my post about Colt calling the baby "Pizza" whenever we asked what his name was going to be, well it stuck and Colt continues to call him Pizza. "Hold Pizza?" he says to us frequently. He does know his real name as well but he usually calls him Pizza.
Colt seems like he has grown overnight. He is huge to Dave and I right now!!
Daddy and Jax enjoying some time relaxing in bed......
.....and on the couch.

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McP Family said...

wow...he has the coloring as Dave. He looks tan already.