Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Colt's 2nd Birthday Dinner

Since we are headed out of town on Colt's birthday we had his birthday celebration the night before. It was a pretty small event, just me, Dave, my mom and Jax. We had already celebrated with Dave's family and my dad was out of town fishing. We made mini pizzas and had fruit salad with cool whip.....Colt's favorite foods.
The happy happy birthday boy...still can't believe he is 2!!!
Opening presents.
He got a book, clothes and a new table for outside from his Papa and Di Di. When he opened up the box with the clothes in it he looks at me and goes "ohhhh clothes" in this super excited voice. It was very cute! I got it on video camera.
After dinner we went outside to his new table and sang happy birthday to him and he blew out his candle. I was video taping everything so I did not take very many pictures. After he blew out his candle and we sang to him he said "again" so my mom lit the candle for him to blow out again and he just looked as us and waited and then said "again" we figured out that meant he wanted us to sing too. So we sang one more time and then he blew out his candle again. He would have taken a bite of each cupcake if we would have let him, he was not really interested in eating a whole one he just wanted to take a bite of each color. It was a quiet party but still fun and Colt loved it which is all that matters. For now we are going to keep the parties to just family until he is old enough to enjoy having friends there too.

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