Sunday, June 14, 2009

Colt's Early Birthday Celebration

We went over to Kennewick to celebrate Uncle Andy's and Colt's birthday and also to celebrate Father's Day with Dave's dad. With all of our schedules kind of crazy right now we decided to just combine all the celebrations into one. Colt and Camryn got to eat there hotdogs outside at there own table.
Our next door neighbors had a yard sale and they were selling this pink barbie car. Dave has been looking for a car or truck for Colt to drive around in but since it was pink we decided to give it to Camryn. The kids had fun driving it around though I think Colt was a little unsure about why we were giving it to Camryn, Dave had to explain to him that it was a girl car.
He soon forgot about the car though because Papi and Memah got him his very first bike and its a Harley Davison, Colt calls it his motorcycle and rides it around making motor sounds.
He loves it and I have to pry him off of it when we are trying to leave the house.
I made Colt black bottom cupcakes for his birthday, my niece Elena decorated the top of them with a lily pad and then we put a frog gummy on top. She did a great job!
He blew out the candles before we could even sing Happy Birthday to him. He knew exactly what to do grabbing the candle and licking the frosting off the bottom.
Tasting the cupcake...... yummy!!!
Memah got to spend a little quality time with Jax. Dave has so many people in his family that they all take turns fighting over who gets to hold the baby. When Colt and Camryn were little there were two of them to hold so it worked out well, now with Jax being the only little one in the family he is going to get lots of LOVE!!!
Colt got to go outside and try out his new motorcycle. He also got a helmet from Katie and Randee to wear when he is riding. Memah and Papi got him a sandbox as well and he loves that too.
He did not get a nap so as soon as we got in the car to go home he was asleep!