Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do they look alike?

Colt at 2 weeks.
9lbs 8 oz. and 23 inches.
Jax at 2 weeks.
7lbs 10 oz. and 21.5 inches.
Obviously Jax looks much darker because of his jaundice. He's my little tan baby. It will be interesting to see if Jax catches up with Colt in the height and weight category or if he will be built a little smaller.


Brittsan's said...

It is too funny that you posted pics of both of them at age 2 weeks. I was just thinking, "Carolyn should post comparison pictures." Looked at your page and sure enough! Jax is just so stinking cute and I cannot believe how much bigger Colt looks. I'm glad to hear you are all adjusting well. Take care!

The Chases said...

I thought you meant the doll and Colt! Then I scrolled down and saw the picture of Jax=-)I think Jax looks like your dad!

Tammy said...

Jax is so adorable! It is funny to see how different they look. It is hard to even picture what your next child is going to look like because you picture your first! I love the bike Colt got for his birthday. We will have to remember that for Dylan's next birthday! Enjoy the summer. It is going fast!

Rach said...

They look like brothers for sure. But at the same time they are very individual.

Care you are doing such a good job being a mom of these two boys. And Im so glad you get to have so much time off and hang with them.