Monday, June 22, 2009


I have always disliked Mondays. Something about having to get up early after a nice and relaxing weekend of sleeping in a little bit (even with kids we tend to get to sleep in on the weekends). When I had Colt I disliked Monday's because that meant another week of me being away from him while I worked. Since I had Jax it doesn't matter which day it is I love all days! I get to stay home everyday and play with my boys....nothing can beat that. However, today started off in typical Monday fashion. Jax was up at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 to eat (very abnormal for him), Colt came in at 5:30 complaining that his "tummy hurt" but still declaring that he wanted his milk and banana (which Dave went and got for him just so he could go back to sleep, I was still feeding Jax). I put Jax back to sleep about 6:15 and took Colt downstairs and asked him if he wanted to go running, he said yes so I put him in the stroller and off we went. He started complaining again about his tummy hurting about half way through the run. I stopped and he said he wanted up so I picked him up and he laid his head on my shoulder and threw up all over me and himself. I almost started laughing I couldn't believe what had just happened. I took off his sweatshirt and did my best to clean both of us up, we were at least 20 minutes from home so I wrapped him up in his blanket and then laid the seat down and put him back in the jogging stroller and off we went. He fell asleep right away and so I just figured I would finish my run and take off my puke shirt when I got home. The rest of the run went uneventful and we made it back home with no more accidents. In fact since then he has been fine, Dave and I have both told him that if his tummy hurts again to tell mommy right away! I am hoping it was just an upset tummy and not the flu!! Hopefully the rest of my Monday is quiet and boring!

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Tammy said...

You are insane to finish your run after being puked on! I guess that means you are dedicated. Are you going to Tara's wedding reception at the end of July? We are still working out the details to see about going. Your boys are cute and you are such a good mom! It is so nice to have the summer isn't it?!